I am a tennis player and have to participate in local and national tournaments almost every month. I have a hectic schedule and my coach trains me rigorously before every tournament no matter how big or small they may be. I am aware of the demands on me to stay fit but at times I get fatigued and fall sick. This interrupts the training and at times, I do not perform to my potential.

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My coach introduced me to OxyLift- an oxygen therapy supplement that can be used by anybody. He told me how taking OxyLift helps people get a better immune system. It increases the pH levels in the body and helps you to feel better. It comes in a bottle through liquid drops that you should add to water. I was told to start slowly at first in case of discomfort. My coach was right. After taking OxyLift for the first few days, I did experience some nausea. It turns out that the reasons for my nausea is that my body's toxins were being released. I felt the changes in my body but that made me tired most of the time. I had to be more alert when practicing my tennis during these days and I often retired to bed early.

My coach told me that these effects were natural and not a cause to worry as the supplement was organic and made from natural ingredients. It was a relive to know that OxyLift has no chemicals and most importantly, no banned substances. This means before any tournament I could safely consume it. This was good for me as I relied on taking my supplements and always carried it in my bag.


Taking OxyLift had begun working for me almost immediately when I started with it. It is however advised for you to always take the advice of a doctor if you are looking to improve your immune system. OxyLift is not the only product for oxygen therapy available in the market. There are other supplements that serve as alternatives.

Another effective supplement is NutriO2, created by Kevin Richardson. This product is safe and made of natural ingredients. Like OxyLift, it does not contain banned substances and can be safely consumed. I have no issues with its taste and is reasonably priced as well. I remember to take my drops every day. My coach mentioned recently that he has seen some improvements in my performance ever since I started taking my supplements and this could not make me happier.


NutriO2 is now a daily regime. I can easily order the product from the internet. I read up on the user reviews and got some impressive feedback about the supplement. There are many people who still do not know how oxygen plays a vital role in our life. Without it we cannot function properly. Both the supplements I am using are easy to consume and this makes it simple for you to stay fit without needing to visit a clinic or hospital. The drops are enough to extract the best of you!

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