Phuket Fit is a deluxe fitness and wellbeing retreat located in Phuket, an island in Southern Thailand. Their mission is to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals by providing a team of passionate professionals all in a relaxing environment. Here you can leave the stresses of everyday life behind and kick start your new happy, healthy lifestyle.

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The three main programs they offer are Weight Loss, Detox & Cleanse and Total Fitness.

• Weight Loss

The team of experts there will provide a diet program customised specifically for you meaning you can safely lose the most weight possible. The mix nutrition, education and physical training will ensure you learn how to make changes to your lifestyle and keep the weight off.


After your initial assessment to help tailor your unique program, you will begin a 5 day cleanse. This will flush out all the nasty toxins that can build up in your digestive system and prepare your body to start losing weight immediately. When you finish your cleanse you can eat whatever you like from the Health Food menu. All the meals on offer are packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants so whatever you choose you cannot go wrong!


Your weight loss training will again be matched to your needs and ability. Classes on offer include Yoga, Kettlercise, Kickboxing, Zumba and Boot Camp. There in one on one private training and group classes. The average guest will take 2 or 3 classes a day.

Don't worry; it's not all hard work. You can take advantage of the fact that Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in all of Asia. Take a stroll down one of the white sandy beaches; go for a dip in the ocean, explore nearby islands and sights. Or, just relax with one of the oil massages included in the program.


• Detox & Cleanse

Life is stressful and sometimes you just need you just need to escape. The Detox & Cleanse program at Phuket Fit allows you ease your stresses whilst teaching you ways to achieve a healthier, more worry-free lifestyle.


To begin, you will go through the cleansing process which is either a full fast, raw food or juices. This is to eliminate all you toxins you may have built up in your body. Getting rid of these will ensure your body is in the best state possible to continue your detox. There are many things included to assist the cleansing of your body and mind. The traditional Thai massage on offer can release blocked energy channels which will quickly reduce stress. There are yoga and meditation classes and a choice of treatments including Acupuncture, Personal Coaching and Stress Management. Of course, the idyllic location helps when it comes to relaxation, too.

This program will not only leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated you will also have increased energy, improved circulation and strengthened immune system to name just a few benefits.


• Total Fitness

This is a program that will allow you improve your strength and stamina, burn fat and increase your fitness quickly and efficiently. It gives you and your body the kick-start you need towards a healthy lifestyle.


The fitness and nutrition experts will give you a personal evaluation and create a plan specifically for your needs. To help personalise your progam you will go through strength, fitness, aerobic and endurance tests. Some of the things on offer on the Total Fitness program include: Muay Thai kickboxing classes, yoga classes, morning beach boot camp and one on one sessions with a professional trainer. You will also be on a healthy food meal plan throughout.

Completing this program will increase your fitness levels, give you more energy and motivate you to continue when you return home. The beauty of the tailor made program is the fact you carry on using it in everyday life so does not end when you leave the resort.


The facilities at Phuket Fit are first class. The Healthy House is full of healthy, nutritious meals with many ingredients locally sourced. They can cater for vegans, vegetarians and anyone with food allergies or intolerances.

There is a fitness gym stuffed with top of the range equipment. There is huge fitness area with soft safety mat where a variety of classes are available every day. The TRX Suspension trainer and the TRX Rip trainer have a dedicated area. A workout on one of these is not only rewarding but super-effective and is one of the most popular classes available. The Muay Thai Kickboxing Area offers guest access to top Muay Thai trainers. After all that hard work there is a relaxing yoga area looking out onto the sea and benefitting from the cool breeze it gives.


The front desk is manned by friendly, knowledgeable staff that are happy to help guests with whatever they need. Here you can book day trips or buy from the shop selling sportswear and supplements.

The top class programs and facilities on offer are not to be outdone by the accommodation. From single rooms for those on a budget to large private bungalows there is something to suit everyone. You can really push the boat out and stay at the luxury resort located right next door. Take advantage of the fact Phuket Fit offers the best rates possible for this resort which has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and relaxing gardens. As you can see, whatever your budget there is an accommodation option to suit you.


The majority of guests come alone so do not be shy about arriving on your own as everyone is very friendly and are here for the same reasons as you. There is no need to worry about the resort being over crowded as they do not have more the 35 guests at one time and each class only has between 7 and 15 people.

Whether you are looking for a fitness overhaul, a total cleanse of your system or just total relaxation, Phuket Fit cannot be beaten.

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